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Little Ottik

As I was (still) clearing the dead wood this morning I dug up a tree root that looked uncannily like a baby. How marvellous to have found another excuse to start knitting!

Sunday Morning

At 10.15 this morning my 28 year old hair dryer transformed into a powerful weapon Causing a violent explosion at just a hairs breadth from my head. I have half a mind to take it back and complain. But I…

Rogue Stitches

Occasionally I find an innate wandering mind leads to dropped stitches and their inevitable ladders and holes. It can, however, be a liberating experience to let these travel as far as they can, and enjoy the patterns of their tracks.…

Satellite Navigation Systems

A recent journey between print studio and wholesalers took me around the London North Circular. This driving experience was eased by the reassuring female voice coming from the passenger seat as she calmly, and efficiently, directed me to my destination.…

On Bleeding Hearts

  As I was clearing dead wood this morning I discovered some bleeding hearts. They looked so strange and exotic that I plucked them out and put them in a jar I gave them some water But I think they've died already.…

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