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Stories, updates and general woolgatherings……

Off The Beaten Track

We went to the seaside today. We took the beach road until it disappeared into the sea. Then we got out of the car and climbed down the cliffs. But all we found was plumbing.

Domestic Science

Today’s Domestic Science Project took an interesting trajectory. Small male wanted to make muffins. Small female wanted to make fairy cakes. A conversation/argument/mild violence took place. Small male wanted to decorate with black icing. Small female wanted to decorate with…

A Circus in Town

I found myself in Gt Yarmouth this afternoon. What a strange and crumbling town. Of all the things that get washed up on this stretch of the east coast The Hippodrome Circus remains my favourite.

Knitting and Anthropomorphia. Part One

I've always thought balaclavas are a difficult style to pull off.

Knot Knitting

Is knitting still suffering from status anxiety? And is this an appropriate topic for discussion at this evenings knitting class at Dragon Hall?

Bad Hair Day

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