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Stories, updates and general woolgatherings……

A Good Friday

Today was a very Good Friday Now that Lent is over The extremely brilliant Lynne from Hippo Screen Printers Deserves a Chocolate Jesus.

Printed by Hand

At The Mercerie  everything's printed by hand. Today I found small  hand prints on walls, mirrors windows and tables.

Press Release

Today I was thinking about PR. Then the washing machine broke down. I kept pressing the button. Press, release, press, release, press, release. But nothing happened.

Repeating Patterns of Behaviour

This morning it was my turn to make breakfast. (again) I can see a pattern emerging.


Today we made dream catchers. We wove them really tightly. Just to make sure nothing slips through the net.      

Easter bunny

I found this decomposing seedhead as I was gardening today. An Easter bunny hopped over for a closer look and said; "But Mummy, everything has a skeleton" Then it hopped away, singing.

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