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Jess: ‘Start with ‘Homage to the Granny Square’

This is a guest blog post by my brilliant assistant Jess.

I have the pleasure of working for The Mercerie (I know – dream job right?) and I’m often answering lots of emails and questions about the wonderful crochet courses that Sue creates.  Seeing a finished blanket designed by Sue is always breathtaking (especially if you can see them in real life!) and I still LOVE seeing the different combinations and colour palettes people use to create such unique versions of Sue’s designs. I am often asked… ‘Where’s the best place to start?  I want to make that one day…I don’t know how!’  More often than not my go to answer is…

‘Start with the Homage to the Granny Square blanket…’

It’s such a fantastic course to really brush up on those basic crochet skills, but Sue teaches you so much more than that.  You will learn colour theory, tips on how to finish your project to give it a professional look, and you will gain the confidence to be brave and trust your own decisions.

Image: @woolandtrulyhooked

When I started my very first HTTGS blanket back in 2021 I was struggling with my mental health after multiple late miscarriages.  This blanket completely aided my recovery.  I chose bright, cheerful colours and I poured my thoughts into every stitch.  The repetition of the simple stitches at the beginning of the course became my meditation – and as the project progressed and my confidence grew, so did my ability to settle my mind.  I would look forward to my evenings, making a few squares here and there – the idea of finishing this amazing creation seemed so far away!  I met some brilliant people on my course from all over the world, who encouraged and supported me to keep going (with what at the time felt like a massive project…!) Before I knew it I had finished my blanket and I am still so proud of it to this day.

Image: @woolandtrulyhooked

There’s something magical about this design.  I don’t really know what it is, but I just LOVE it.  I love the look of the blanket – of course, but I just love the flexibility of the design and how every single Homage blanket is unique.

If you gave a group of people the same colour palette to work with – each person would put the colours together differently and create their own masterpiece!

In 2022 I was part of a group of women who worked collaboratively to create a beautiful version of the HTTGS using Scheepjes Terrazzo – we were all able to make different motifs and squares and met up regularly to compare notes and make decisions.  I loved working in this way and this blanket remains a really special piece, which is often exhibited by The Mercerie at events.

Image: @themercerie

In fact – I love this course so much that I think we should all SHARE THE LOVE!  Did you know that with all of our courses there is a ‘Gift a Friend’ option?  I decided to gift the Homage to the Granny Square course to my amazing Auntie who recently moved into her new home.  I knew it would be a perfect housewarming present – to make something to love and keep forever.  The process of making something like this is just as important as what you end up with.  It gives you time, space to reflect, quiet moments, motivation, self discipline and confidence – which are all great things to give to a person you love!

I am currently embarking on my next HTTGS, using a very different colour palette to create a dark and dramatic blanket to be used in my living room…I love it already!

Image: @woolandtrulyhooked

If you are on the fence about whether or not you should join us on the next Homage to the Granny Square course – I really encourage you to be BRAVE and DO IT!  Sue’s courses really are incredible, and so are the people who learn with us.

Jess x


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  1. Jess,
    Your latest palettes are awesome! Are you using Rowan tweed? I love the moody and earthy vibes. Thanks for sharing ❤️


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