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My Testimonials

I have seen the blanket at Norfolk Yarn Norwich and always wanted to do the course but the dates never worked for me so was good to see I could I do online. Thankyou Sue a really lovely project to keep me occupied during lockdowns.

As an experienced crocheter I really enjoyed the deep dive into colour theory. The videos had the right amount of detail and were easy to follow. I agree that Patreon was clunky to navigate so I’m happy that you are changing the platform. Looking forward to seeing you all on the other side!!

I haven’t finished my blanket, but I am really welcoming the chance to learn the techniques by following your amazing instructions. I had been wanting to do this course for some time and am so glad I have had the chance. Thank you so much, Sue!

I definitely think the color workshops could make up a whole course, but loved it paired with this project. Don’t take it out! But would consider recommending it to anyone interested —- not just HTTGS.

I loved this course. The blanket design is gorgeous and without the pandemic had only been available to people who could travel to the regular live workshops. The videos are beautifully made and watchable in their own right. The course always emphasises that participants should not feel there is a right or a wrong way to complete each part and encourages experimentation. It was fun and uplifting and I am so glad that Sue took the risk. A massively successful risk in my opinion. She has created a unique course and delivered it with great care and should be very proud. Thank you so much.

Almost finished my blanket! My crochet has improved by leaps and bounds and I found the colour- work really inspirational. the course kept me on track and fully occupied throughout the lockdown. I did not get as far as the Zoom meetings as my technical skills need updating. I loved seeing other folks crochet developing into stunning blankets and it was great to meet students from all over the world joining hands in the appreciation of textile hand-skills. I raise a glass of hedgerow wine to you Sue – Cheers and thank-you for a wonderful course.

I loved this course – you have basically taught me to crochet – but also helped me produce something I never would have thought possible as a beginner. I like the idea of the Facebook group in principle, I just can’t bring myself to set up a Facebook account. I need to find out more about Facebook so I could set everything at the most private level and just reserve it for crochet (and maybe knitting). I like seeing other people’s work on Instagram though. Even though I live near Norwich I think it would have been hard to fit the course around my other commitments if it had not been online. It would be lovely when it becomes possible to supplement the course with one in person, face to face session – maybe at the start or at the end. But the online meetings worked well and there was always at least one session I could attend – so I really appreciated that flexibility and being able to fit it in around work. The videos were completely indispensable as a novice. But they have now given me enough confidence to work from the pdf’s. You have not only given me lots of inspiration to take into my crafting, but also into my own (very different field) teaching. This has been some of the best constructed adult teaching I have ever seen. The bits I might go back and look at in particular from that point of view are the motivational videos – I struggle to work out how to help students who are facing barriers that are hard to articulate. Thank you again for a marvellous course.

I really enjoyed the course and got a lot from the very structured nature of the way the material was presented. This was motivational and provided huge impetus for me. The standard of tutorials is very high and if you follow the instructions systematically you learn new techniques and how to do things carefully and methodically to end up with a really high quality, beautiful result. Sue is an inspirational teacher and I would recommend these classes. I was a beginner and now I feel I can tackle any crochet work. Thank you so much. Miranda.

Hello, just wanted to say I have enjoyed the course although, due to the pressures of work (school, online teaching) I am WAY behind. I began by joining in discussions etc and then stopped following in real time – just wanted to say that I am still here and enjoying the journey, albeit in baby steps.

I thought this was a brilliant course and so well put together. Even though I didn’t get around to joining in with the zoom – as I have been in the throws of moving – I thought they were a great idea. I am only about half way through my squares and am also working on the daisy infills for the Crojo retro course which may drive me bonkers! When I have finished I will send through my efforts . I’m not on Facebook so it will have to be through the old fashioned method of email! Enjoyed your course so much that I have now joined your sunflowers. Thank you again Sue.

I loved this course! That’s an understatement really. I got hijacked by Crojo Retro so I’ve been working on that, but following your videos carefully each month. They were so helpful even though I wasn’t crocheting the blanket, a lot could be applied to the Crojo Retro blanket. I’ve learnt so much, you basically taught me to crochet. I’ve signed up to the Wallflowers course in April which I’m really looking forward to. I love the different aspects you brought into this course, such as the motivational pep talk and the colour workshops. I work with colour all day as a dyer, and I really enjoyed that video. The Facebook group was really nice. Lovely to see other people’s work. I struggled with the zooms as I have limited time with kids home schooling etc, but that may change in the Wallflowers group. A very positive experience, very much enjoyed! On a final note, I think your Crojo Retro blanket was such a brilliant design, you might consider making that into a course in the future?

I absolutely loved this course and I wouldn’t change a thing. The course content, videos, zoom and Facebook group all added to making this a wonderful experience. Thank you Sue for all you hard work. I would recommend this course highly!

I am still really enjoying this course! The colour work element has been unexpected bonus and really made me think more about other projects; I’ve also been more reflective about what I’m doing – s l o w e d down a little and enjoyed the journey. I am genuinely really really excited to see how my blanket will turn out – and in my head I’m already making another one :o) I also really notice the progression in my technique and finish. Lastly, I wouldn’t have been able to have this experience if it hadn’t been online and I am very grateful for it – please do more so I can keep learning – can’t recommend enough.

Living in South Africa and having seen the Homage Blankets on Facebook I was thrilled to be able to do the course on line. We visited our daughter in London last year for Christmas and she gave me the Rowan Felted Tweed yarn for Christmas. Needless to say I’m consequently rather behind but none the less I’m thoroughly enjoying the blocks and the yarn. Seeing I have many other wips it may be a couple of months to completion. Your videos were wonderful and a great inspiration. Thank you Sue.

I echo the previous comments. The course was well paced, the colour theory very helpful, and the instructions superbly done. Thank you, Sue!

Wonderful course, well paced and easy to follow videos with the music to start were such a great part and clear written pdf to download and print off. Well done and thank you.

I had seen one of the blankets in Norfolk Yarn, Norwich a while ago and hoped one day to do the course. Being able to achieve this online has been wonderful and I have enjoyed every aspect of the content and journey. Thank you Sue and to all my fellow participants xx

This course was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed working with a crochet community on this project. The online format made this project accessible. The color theory was helpful in designing the project.

I think this course has been well planned and thought out. Very well paced and I love that you never gave the next bit early or jumped ahead even when some people were up to date as it was fair for everyone. I liked the videos and found them simple to follow. I would say patreon is a little tricky to find what you need if you are looking back a long way… Lots of scrolling! But other than that it worked well for me. I’ve loved the interaction in the group and feel as though I’ve really made some new connections. It’s also great that people can observe from a distance if they feel more comfortable that way. A wonderful course, which I hope to revisit in the future and make another blanket.

A great course, I will definitely recommend it to my English-speaking Italian crochet friends. The work on colour theory and practice was extremely helpful for someone like me who like all colours and can’t make up her mind on what to include or exclude. The pace was good with no pressure. Thanks very much!

Best fiber-related course live or online I have ever taken.

This course was superbly delivered. The colour theory was an inspiring start to the course and really helped me to decide on my yarn choices. As crochet was a new skill for me, I really appreciated the precise detailed instructions, charts and video workshops. Sue made learning a new skill great fun – I really looked forward to the monthly tutorials. This course has been a real joy during lockdown. I have nearly finished my blanket and I’m looking forward to my next project.

Very professionally carried out course with kindness, thoughtfulness and fun!

What a lovely couple of hours spent on charity blanket. Still places left and a chance to win a finished blanket. Thank you for your patience, could stayed all day!

I attended the beginner class yesterday and loved it. Sue is amazing with teaching and has the patients of a saint. Excited to create amazing things with crochet!

Fabulous day learning how to make The Homage to the granny square blanket. Sue is an excellent teacher. Thank you Sue

Just had a lovely morning with Sue on her learn how to crochet workshop in Ely. I have tried several times and failed but Sue was clear and patient and explained all the basics to get us going. Three hours later and I had crocheted my first Granny Square! Thank you Sue

What an excellent teacher Sue is! An absolute delight to work with – she’s so relaxed and takes the time to nurture all her students. A very inspiring, talented and creative tutor and a lot of fun too – can’t wait to do more classes with her x

I had a great morning with Sue doing beginners crochet. Never crocheted before but now feel able to practice what I learnt and hope to go on to the wonderful Homage to the Granny Square course. Many thanks, Sue, for sharing your skills and being such a patient teacher.

Great afternoon on Sue’s Beyond the Basics crochet course. Now feel confident to re-start a complicated blanket with lots of pompom stitches which I had put away as I felt out of my depth. Sue is a very patient teacher – I can well recommend her courses.

Spent a very informative, fun and inspiring day learning the basics of crochet including how to read those crazy crochet pattern diagrams. I’d highly recommend The Mercerie for anyone looking to learn or go more in depth in their crochet learning.

I have been attending Sue’s workshops and following her patterns for several years now and find them all to be of the highest quality. The patterns come written and as charts. Sue is an amazing teacher and always willing to help. This weekend I had the greatest pleasure of attending her first retreat. What an amazing weekend of food, colour, crochet, massage, meditation and new friendships made. Thank you Sue for the best weekend!

I have just come back from Sue’s first Mercerie Crochet Retreat. We had such a fabulous time. I can not recommend it highly enough. Delicious food cooked by the lovely Jane Raffles, a beautiful setting at the Aylsham Quaker Barns, relaxing therapy sessions, morning meditation, countyside walks, colour workshops, crochet and friendship. What more could a girl wish for!

I had a wonderful day at Sue’s colour workshop. Really informative and fun and colourful! Sue is lovely and moves at a great pace for everyone and it was so interesting too. Definitely signing up for more!

I recently took part in Sue’s Colour and Crochet Weekend Retreat. It was a wonderful weekend, beautiful accommodation, wonderful food cooked on site. This was the first time I met Sue and she is an amazing teacher and facilitator. I came away with a new understanding of colour, how different colours work together and some techniques to enable me to create my own colour palettes for future projects. Sue may have cured the serial colour pack buyer, I certainly now have the courage to try to go it alone. As well as colour, crochet and wonderful food there were afternoon walks, massage therapies, meditation, conversation and new friendships forged with a group of people who had crochet in common when we arrived but much more when we left.

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