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I loved this course – you have basically taught me to crochet – but also helped me produce something I never would have thought possible as a beginner. I like the idea of the Facebook group in principle, I just can’t bring myself to set up a Facebook account. I need to find out more about Facebook so I could set everything at the most private level and just reserve it for crochet (and maybe knitting). I like seeing other people’s work on Instagram though. Even though I live near Norwich I think it would have been hard to fit the course around my other commitments if it had not been online. It would be lovely when it becomes possible to supplement the course with one in person, face to face session – maybe at the start or at the end. But the online meetings worked well and there was always at least one session I could attend – so I really appreciated that flexibility and being able to fit it in around work. The videos were completely indispensable as a novice. But they have now given me enough confidence to work from the pdf’s. You have not only given me lots of inspiration to take into my crafting, but also into my own (very different field) teaching. This has been some of the best constructed adult teaching I have ever seen. The bits I might go back and look at in particular from that point of view are the motivational videos – I struggle to work out how to help students who are facing barriers that are hard to articulate. Thank you again for a marvellous course.

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