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I loved this course! That’s an understatement really. I got hijacked by Crojo Retro so I’ve been working on that, but following your videos carefully each month. They were so helpful even though I wasn’t crocheting the blanket, a lot could be applied to the Crojo Retro blanket. I’ve learnt so much, you basically taught me to crochet. I’ve signed up to the Wallflowers course in April which I’m really looking forward to. I love the different aspects you brought into this course, such as the motivational pep talk and the colour workshops. I work with colour all day as a dyer, and I really enjoyed that video. The Facebook group was really nice. Lovely to see other people’s work. I struggled with the zooms as I have limited time with kids home schooling etc, but that may change in the Wallflowers group. A very positive experience, very much enjoyed! On a final note, I think your Crojo Retro blanket was such a brilliant design, you might consider making that into a course in the future?

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