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Stories, updates and general woolgatherings……

Craft With A Why

CRAFT with a Why

This is an edited version of the talk I gave at The Norfolk Makers Festival in February 2019.  It's quite long and there aren't any nice pictures. A few months ago I passed a shop window display made up almost…

How To Be A Creative Genius

How to be a Creative Genius (yes – really!)

"Are you coming out to play?" When was the last time anyone asked you that? I'm guessing it was some time ago, when you were very young. This question is usually delivered by someone with grubby hands and bruised legs. It…

Making Sense Of Colour

Making Sense of Colour

Can I ask you a personal question? How's your relationship with colour these days? Does your heart sing, or skip a beat, when you catch a glimpse of an unexpected colour combination? If it does; Hooray! Congratulations....I'm so happy for…

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