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A Knitted Sunflower Pattern & The Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

When your presence on social media is all about upbeat, inspiring, colourful, joyful distractions from our general hum drum existences – it’s difficult to know how to respond to current global events.

Posting pretty images on Instagram feels insensitive but I’ve made the decision to continue posting my usual content because if I stop now it just feels like another light going out.

Sunflowers are cropping up everywhere and have become an international signifier of resistance, peace and solidarity in the face of Ukraine’s invasion by Russian forces  – but what can we possibly do with this symbol that doesn’t feel banal and exploitative?

I don’t know.

But I have noticed a flurry of sales of my (ancient) Knitted Sunflower pattern which I’m guessing have been triggered by a desire to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

So, in response;

Thank you.

Knitted Sunflower Pattern

Images by Boo Marshall Photography.

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  1. your words and thoughts behind them reflect what a lot of people are thinking right now. thank you for still bringing some brightness into this time.

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