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Making Sense of Colour

Can I ask you a personal question? How’s your relationship with colour these days? Does your heart sing, or skip… Read more »

Homage to the (Granny) Square

“Perhaps creativity’s greatest mercy is this: By completely absorbing our attention for a short and magical spell, it can relieve… Read more »

Folklore Shawl Crochet-Along

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”     Albert Einstein                                 Earlier this year I was delighted to run another… Read more »

The Folklore Shawl CAL

I’m so excited!! I’m going to be running The Mercerie’s very first CAL project in 2016 – and it’s going… Read more »

The Journey of Creation

Today I’m delighted to host a guest blog post by The Mercerie’s brilliant lifestyle photographer Boo Marshall; I’ve watched the… Read more »

Red Threads at the Wool Shop

It’s nearly Valentines day and once again I’ve been busy working on a themed window display for the Norwich Lanes… Read more »

In the Loop at Yarndale

I think I’ve finally recovered from all the excitement of Yarndale. It was a fantastic experience, a bit of a… Read more »

Knitting and Breaking the Law!

Today I’m very excited to be hosting a guest blog by Martine from the fabulous lifestyle blog IMake. We thought it might be rather… Read more »

How to Make Knitted Felt

I have to admit – I do get rather excited by knitted felt! I just can’t get over the transformation … Read more »

Knitting for Crafty Brides

Following on from last weeks train of thought; it can sometimes be difficult convincing ‘non crafty types’ that knitting and… Read more »

Knot: Art: Needle Felt

On the top of my wardrobe there is a huge skein of beautiful DK merino wool. Several months ago the… Read more »

A New Season: A New Bag!

It’s a glorious sunny day today; spring is most definitely in the air and a new season can only mean… Read more »

October is Orange

This gorgeous knitted  bobble hat is made in The Mercerie’s cinnamon coloured British aran wool and is available as a… Read more »

A Crochet Daisy Tutorial

Of all the flowers in an English summer garden the daisy is, perhaps, one of the most endearing. However, it’s… Read more »


Recycling has been a part of my life since my early teens when I hacked up a beautiful leather coat… Read more »

May Day

I have just returned from this year’s mayday festival and I have been reminded how much I enjoy the traditions… Read more »


As the maker of things, and the owner of an online business, I exist in a liminal space – a… Read more »

Tales of the Unfinishable

In the centre of Norwich stands the The Forum, constructed like a glittering glass shell and a tribute to modernist… Read more »

Rose Windows and Christmas Baking

Just a few days ago we spent a morning looking though all the Christmas cards we had received this year and were particularly taken with an image of a stained glass window by Chagall.

Knitted Christmas Gifts

In recent weeks I have been busy knitting ‘Jolly Santa Hats’  discussing what colour they should be knitted in, and… Read more »

The Poppy Line Photoshoot

The Poppy Line steam train at Holt Railway Station was the nostalgic backdrop for a collection of beautiful photographs

Tricky Knitting

This week I have been busy knitting a woollen rabbit in preparation for a ‘Retro Animals’ knitting workshop at Dragon Hall, in… Read more »

On The History of Networking

As a compulsive maker my knitting accompanies me everywhere. This week presented another opportunity to knit by a smoky campfire… Read more »


One evening this week, as I tackled a particularly intricate piece of lace knitting, I was overcome by the sensation… Read more »

A Foreign Campsite

On the first night of our camping holiday on the North Norfolk coast I dozed off whilst reading a bed… Read more »

Crochet Workshops

We’ll take you through the basics, and beyond, in these two crochet workshop at Arts Desire, Norwich. Find out how… Read more »

Fabulous Knitting Workshops

We just adore the way our Aran yarns felt, making them perfect for creating beautifully functional bags, and we’re going… Read more »

Little Ottik

As I was (still) clearing the dead wood this morning I dug up a tree root that looked uncannily like… Read more »

Sunday Morning

At 10.15 this morning my 28 year old hair dryer transformed into a powerful weapon Causing a violent explosion at… Read more »

Rogue Stitches

Occasionally I find an innate wandering mind leads to dropped stitches and their inevitable ladders and holes. It can, however,… Read more »

Satellite Navigation Systems

A recent journey between print studio and wholesalers took me around the London North Circular. This driving experience was eased… Read more »

On Bleeding Hearts

  As I was clearing dead wood this morning I discovered some bleeding hearts. They looked so strange and exotic that I… Read more »

Off The Beaten Track

We went to the seaside today. We took the beach road until it disappeared into the sea. Then we got… Read more »

Domestic Science

Today’s Domestic Science Project took an interesting trajectory. Small male wanted to make muffins. Small female wanted to make fairy… Read more »

A Circus in Town

I found myself in Gt Yarmouth this afternoon. What a strange and crumbling town. Of all the things that get… Read more »

Knot Knitting

Is knitting still suffering from status anxiety? And is this an appropriate topic for discussion at this evenings knitting class… Read more »

The Essence of Painting

Today I painted 59 feather boards. The essence of creosote Has penetrated my skin And entered my blood stream.

A Good Friday

Today was a very Good Friday Now that Lent is over The extremely brilliant Lynne from Hippo Screen Printers Deserves a Chocolate… Read more »

Printed by Hand

At The Mercerie  everything’s printed by hand. Today I found small  hand prints on walls, mirrors windows and tables.

Press Release

Today I was thinking about PR. Then the washing machine broke down. I kept pressing the button. Press, release, press,… Read more »


Today we made dream catchers. We wove them really tightly. Just to make sure nothing slips through the net.  … Read more »