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Lisa: ‘I learned so much from the colour theory unit’

I am really enjoying the course so far.   I learned so much from the colour theory unit.

I totally get why you kept insisting on doing it and not jumping ahead to the crocheting!

Once done, the blanket looked so different to me – it wasn’t a hodgepodge of random colours.  I could see the tones and how all the colours related to each other in each of the examples – wow!


I would not have known how to pick yarn colours that work well together had I not done the colour theory.

I am also really glad that you made a ‘Learn to Crochet‘ course before I started Homage to the Granny Square.  I am a beginner to crochet and only know chain stitch and trebles.  I would not have been able to keep up with the Homage videos had I not done the ‘Learn to Crochet’ course.

Lisa Strub – Homage to the Granny Square

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