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A Confrontation With The Plastic Arts


As I sat knitting this evening, and the children were quietly modelling rainbow coloured figures with great industry,  my thoughts turned to the subject of plastic art – a term that disappeared some time ago. I was reminded of the sculptural works by Richard and Judith Lang and contemplated the compelling beauty of this work that belies an apocalyptic tragedy.  46,000 pieces of plastic float in every square mile of the earth’s ocean, that’s an estimated 100 million tons of plastic pollution.

I concluded this train of thought with the announcement that all remaining plastic toys would be taken to the charity shop, where they could become someone else’s problem and leave me with a clear conscience. They could easily be replaced by ethically sourced sticks from the garden, a hammer and some rusty nails.

“We’re not doing that, and you can’t make us” said the children.

“Yes I can”

“Oh yeah, you and who’s army?”

I looked up from my knitting to see a troop of multicoloured 2inch figures with weapons striding towards me and I found myself staring down the barrel of a plasticine gun.

Negotiations are continuing.

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