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A Foreign Campsite

On the first night of our camping holiday on the North Norfolk coast I dozed off whilst reading a bed time story, with a storm brewing over the sea.

I awoke to the realisation that the storm had developed into a tornado during the night and our caravan had been swept up and carried away over the North Sea.

We had been deposited in a foreign land inhabited by feral children brandishing burning sticks that they had whittled intricately with their sharp knives.

It rained almost incessantly for three days turning the once green field into a dangerous swampland.  A combination of smoke and washed out colours viewed through rose tinted glasses gave the dreamscape an unearthly appearance.

But by the fourth day I had finished reading the story and the sun had broken the spell of wet weather.

So I hooked up the caravan, and towed it back to reality.


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  1. Hi ,
    The very same thing happened to me……or it nearly , sorta did.
    I was GLAMPING in the very same field- and my glamour tent was sucked up by the same tornado! But LUCKILY i had purchased the BUNTING KIT from the MERCERIE (A STEAL at 19.95- check it out!) and one end was tied to my tent- the other to a stout pole sticking out of a dyke (Or was it a ditch post). ANYHOOO, the point is , not only did the bunting provide me with a couple of evenings fun making it up-, AND a lovely, long lasting decoration for years to come…. it also prevented me from loosing touch with reality in the way that you did.
    At least i THINK it did.
    Sparkly love,

    1. Dearest Clementine Doll
      I am delighted to hear that our Best of British Bunting Kit saved the day whilst looking cheery and super stylish.
      ps. Is it true you were spotted at the time wearing the Jubilee Teacosy on your head to keep your rollers in place?

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