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This post was written in March 2020 but you can still receive the patterns for this project by signing up to my newsletter here:

If you’ve landed on this page my guess is that you’re looking for distraction or respite – or you’ve found your way here accidentally. Either way – thank you for coming, and welcome.

I don’t mind admitting that at the best of times I feel a little awkward explaining what I do.

“Hello, my name is Sue and I crochet for a living” isn’t the most inspiring elevator pitch.

So right now when I see the amazing people working on the front line of this global crisis I feel thankful and grateful, and ever so slightly guilty that I’m stuck at home fiddling with wool.

BUT – I also believe that whatever one chooses to do in life should be done with passion, authenticity and generosity. So all I can do right now is work to my strengths and bring a little colour and joy into our creative community.

I’m currently working on a brand new crochet design; CROJO RETRO. It’s growing organically. I can’t show you a picture of the finished product, I don’t know how much yarn I’ll need and like most adventures into the unknown it’s already filling me with a mixture of excitement and anxiety.

Consider it a ‘mystery blanket’  – the difference is that it’s still a bit of a mystery to the designer.

This isn’t completely new territory for me, so I’ll try to reassure you (and me) that it will all be OK. You may be familiar with my WALLFLOWERS blanket, this started life in a similar way.

I’ve been privileged to work with some truly wonderful people in all the venues I teach in, but there’s a particular group of ladies at Norfolk Yarn who I think of as The Pioneers (you know who you are!) and they are the reason Wallflowers was created.

They committed to a project before they knew what it would be. They invested huge amounts of time, and fair bit of money, embarking on a project with no end game in site. But they took a leap of faith, stayed with me, supported each other and eventually emerged the other side with something I could never of imagined.

Everyone knew I was pretty much making it up as I went along….it was scary and a completely new way of working for me. But what I learnt from this strategy was that sometimes you just have to be led by instinct, discovering things as you go and that knowing the result before you’ve even started can be like reading the last chapter of a book first.

My new project: CROJO RETRO requires a similar approach –  which won’t be for everyone but if you’re up for a challenge, have a curious mind and some time on your hands I’d LOVE you to join me in this adventure……

So here’s how we’ll roll:

To join in all you need to do is sign up for my newsletter, because that’s how you’ll receive the patterns. You can register here:  But you do need to register yourself, please don’t ask me to do it for you as I still need to follow data protection laws.

Please share images across all your social media platforms with the hashtag  #crojoretro

But please don’t share patterns – anyone can receive the patterns but they do need to subscribe.

Anyone can join in at any time. I’ll include links to all the patterns and videos in every email but I won’t back date emails. Please don’t ask me to do this as it’s really time consuming.

I don’t know when the project will end but when it does I won’t mail out any more patterns. Eventually the pattern will find it’s way on to Ravelry so everyone will be able to access it (that’s the plan anyway)

I’ll send the pattern out in instalments via mailchimp. Make sure you add me to your contacts list or your emails may end up in your junk box!

I’ll mail the patterns out when they’re done. If you haven’t received the next instalment it means I’m not there yet! I don’t know how often I’ll mail the patterns out- or how many there’ll be. But I’ll aim for at least one a week. Wherever I can I’ll include links to videos.

I use UK terminology and a combination of words and stitch diagrams. If you use US terminology it might be a good idea to source a conversion chart as I’ll only use UK terms in the patterns.

The project is designed to be a stash buster – which means you simply use whatever yarn you have at home or can get hold of. I don’t sell yarn myself. If you have lots of 4ply – use that, if you only have DK, use that…. And clearly I won’t be able to advise you on yardage but here’s a list of what I’m using to start with, and I have about 2 balls of each colour…….


  • 50% wool 25% Alpaca 25% viscose
  • 50gm balls
  • Approx Length 175m
  • 3.75 or 4mm hook
  • It’s a light weight DK with a knitted tension of 22-24st x 30-32rws


Zinnia: 00198 (orange)

Rage: 00150 (red)

Barbara: 00200 (pink)

Pink Bliss: 00199 (mid pink)

Frozen: 00185 (pale pink)

Mineral: 00181 (yellow)


Avocado: 00161 (green)

Watery: 00152 (blue/green)

Eden: 00209 (pale blue/green)


Seafarer: 00170 (nearly black)

Carbon: 00159 (dark grey)

Bottle Green: 00207 (um….bottle green colour)

I’m using a 3.75mm hook and I’ll provide you with my tension readings as we go.

Do make sure you read everything I send you thoroughly, I’ll try my best to help everyone but like many people I’m juggling home schooling, transitioning to new technologies (only one shared laptop), and trying to stay sane… there will be times when I’ll be turning the screens off and retreating to my garden.

Please don’t be offended if I don’t reply to your questions immediately.

Also, given the immediacy of this project there isn’t time for me to ‘proof’ the pattern – I’ll do my best but please be forgiving of any mistakes – I’ll welcome help, advice and feedback but it must be delivered with kindness. I reserve the right to block and remove anyone who can’t conform to this standard.

This probably isn’t the right project for you if you fit into any of the following categories:

1) You’re a crochet beginner (unless you have someone at home or online to help you).

2) You like to know exactly what your finished product will look like and  how much yarn you’ll need.

3) You’re ‘high maintenance’ – that means you need lots of personal attention!

4) You find it difficult being polite online.

But it IS the perfect project if you fit into any of these categories:

1) You’re a fairly competent crocheter and up for a challenge.

2) You enjoy an adventure and can take a ‘leap of faith’.

3) You are kind, curious and creative.

4) You have a mountain of yarn to work your way through

Are you still there…..?

THANK YOU for accompanying me on this new adventure, I can’t wait to get started – look out for the first instalment landing in your inbox very soon….

Stay safe, stay at home and stay connected xxx

This Post Has 115 Comments

    1. Grazie perché le tue parole che illuminano i colori dei tuoi lavori sono state per me una grande carica di entusiasmo per imparare e realizzare progetti meravigliosi che renderanno ogni minuto del mio tempo gioia e mai noia… non vedo l’ora di iniziare..

        1. Formidable! Je suis content que vous nous ayez trouvés ! Prendre plaisir!
          (Wonderful! I’m glad you’ve found us! Enjoy!)

    1. Crojo Rétro est une pure merveille, je rêve de le réalisé, j’adore ses couleurs, ses motifs, il est trop trop beau.
      Merci merci de tout coeur, je crochete depyis l’âge de 7 ans. Pour moi crocheter est un pur bonheur

    2. I am french woman and my english is not good I am verry sorry ! I am a beginner in crochet and I don’t know if it is possible for me, but I in love with your crojo retro !

      1. Hello Anne Marie, You are welcome to sign up to the Newsletter to receive the Crojoretro patterns for free. If you have any questions, you are welcome to email us. Thanks you for your lovely comments.

      2. J’ai quelques bout de laines prêt à être utilisé et j’ai hâte de pouvoir en faire quelque chose, mes doigts me démange. Merci.

    3. Добрый вечер! Мне очень понравилось Ваше творчество!! Подписались на рассылку. Буду благодарна за руководство))

      1. Спасибо что подписались. Надеюсь, вам понравится узор. Если вам нужна дополнительная помощь – свяжитесь с нами по адресу


  1. Hi Sue, I’d like to have a go of this. Is it ok to start after your project is completed? I recently made a small hexagon rug for my granddaughter and i so enjoyed creating colour combinations. I was very excited when i stumbled across you instagram page.
    Hook is waiting patiently,
    Carmen, Croydon, Australia

    1. Доброго времени суток.
      Меня зовут Елена. Я из Сибири. Восхищена вашим творчеством! Хотелось бы посмотреть технологию создания такой красоты (схемы). Буду очень благодарна и надеюсь, что наша дружба “вязух” продлится надолго в творческом плане.

      1. Привет елена

        Благодарим Вас за обращение к нам.

        Если вы хотите получить бесплатный узор Crojoretro – подпишитесь на нашу рассылку здесь, и она будет отправлена вам.

        Если вы хотите узнать больше об имеющихся онлайн-курсах, перейдите на, где вы можете найти дополнительную информацию, забронировать место или присоединиться к списку ожидания на будущее. курсы.


  2. Hello Sue,
    If it is still possible, I would like to participate in the CROJO RETRO adventure. I have a curious mind and some spare time and I really love your crochet work.
    Yours truly.

  3. Hi! I am signed up for the newsletter. Can you send the links to the crojo retro patterns! I am so excited to start

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for signing up and you’ll receive all the patterns so far when I next send out my emails. Be sure to add me to your contacts list so my emails don’t get caught in spam filters! best wishes, Sue

  4. Hello,

    Your work is so vibrant and beautiful. I’ve just up for you newsletter, I was wondering if it’s possible to have your patterns so far as you mentioned to Amanda.

    Thank you

  5. grazie Sue,oggi ho ricevuto la mia prima mail sono felice di averti trovato ,sono crochetteure da sempre e non mi stanco mai di imparare i tuoi fiori mi hanno rapita…buon tutto e complimenti

  6. Please, please, purty please, may I have the Crojo Retro pattern? Would love to join you all in this exciting adventure !!! TADAAAA !!!✌️‍♀️

  7. There is an old saying ‘better late than never’. I have only just discovered you and your Crojo Retro – I have signed up to the newsletter and cannot wait to get going. This is what I have been looking for. You are a star! Thank you for being so creative and sharing it.

  8. Your work is absolutely beautiful!!! I have a friend, who gardening & flowers is a huge part of her life. She recently married and I’ve been searching for a pattern to make her a gift.
    I’ve seen many gorgeous patterns, but when I laid eyes on your crojoretro, I just knew this is ‘the one’.
    I just signed up for the newsletter, hopefully I’m not too late.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi, thank you so much! I sent you the patterns yesterday – I hope your received them OK, and enjoy working on Crojoretro. x

  9. Oh my….. I want to do this crojo retro too…. absolutely gorgeous. Your colour choices AGAIN are just incredible. So I have signed up to get the newsletter but wasn’t quite understanding how I would get the patterns up to now? (I’m blaming my mushy brain on menopause..)

  10. I have just read all about you in the EDP. And lovely to see the Crojoretro in different colour ways. You must have loved experimenting with your pattern. I have signed up to the newsletter.

    1. Hi Cecilie, thank you for taking the time to contact me – and for signing up to my newsletter. You’ll receive a copy of the patterns and my newsletter shortly. best wishes, Sue

  11. What a great an beautiful pattern!
    I was in the newsletter that i get part 16 of the pattern. Is it possible to have the other parts or am i to late.

    Greetings Gerrie

  12. Hello. I love the idea of choosing such vibrating colours. Gorgeous. Please sign me up.
    Crochet projects certainly help me and my friends get through this difficult (unprecedented) time. Many thanks ladies.

  13. Hi . I have just stumbled across your beautiful design for crojoretro. I would love to give it a go! I’ve signed up and am ready, willing and hopefully able.

  14. Hello Sue, Just love this idea, am I too late??? Signed up yesterday for the newsletter and am crazy about not knowing exactly where things go!! Should I just order up some more yarn and jump in? Your work is beautiful!! Thanks much, Joan

    1. Hi Joan – definitely not too late! I’m sending some emails today so look out for one from me. 🙂 x

  15. Hi I would love to have a go at this project. I have just signed up for your newsletter so if I can still get involved I’d love some catch up patterns. Gorgeous idea and beautiful colours

  16. Hello Sue,
    I just subscribed to your newsletter… I too late to receive the pattern info for this Crojo retro project? Thanks in advance.

  17. Hello Sue Email came today. Tango you. & Thank you for the smile on my face. I look forward to busting my stash. Thank you xxx

  18. Hi Sue, I discovered your work and saw your CROJO RETRO late last year and loved it but thought I’d probably missed the boat. I came back to look today, read a little further and realised maybe I haven’t. If it’s still possible, I would love to join in your adventure.

    1. Of course! So pleased you love it. Sign up to my Newsletter and you will receive the patterns when I next send out a blog.

  19. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. I came vía Instagram because a friend, chuculetinha shared your account.
    Greetings from Gijón, Spain

  20. Thank you for sharing all of your feelings and concerns for us. It is very kind of you to take this time to explain us. Kind regards from ARgentina

  21. Bottle Green: 00207 (um….bottle green colour)
    Something to tell about this color:
    Here, in Argentina, we have a colour named “VERDE BOTELLA” -´bottle green´

    Long time ago our milk was ¨packaged¨ in GREEN colored glass bottles. It was a dark but transparent color green. Those bottles don´t exist now, but several were used for decoration.

    Kind regards!!

  22. God day.
    I love ur work and I love ur Writing! U like the Fairy crochet lady Im wery glad for you you did this because we need more hidden tallents in the World. Even for crochet. It may simple, but I like to belive simple is always the best. And this is not simple work. It’s art, its from your Heart. This is you. And I love it Thank you for showing ur Beautiful side. ❤❤

    1. Hello Elin, thank you for your kind words. So, pleased to hear you love crochet. Be sure to follow The Mercerie on Instagram to see all the beautiful creations!

  23. Hi Sue, I signed up just near the end of crojo retro but didnt catch all the videos and now I am having trouble working the leaves, can you reconnect me to the last crojo newsletter?

    1. Hi Cindy, I’ve just sent you the last Crojoretro Email again, and you’ll find all the patterns you need in it. Check all your inboxes including junk and spam! best wishes. Sue

  24. Buenas tardes, me encantaría hacer esta manta… Como puedo conseguir los patrones.
    Muchísimas gracias

  25. Oh my!! I just fell in love with the categories, haha. I’m here, perfect fit and in need of a good challenge

  26. Just when I decided to scale down on the amount of crochet projects (I’m a sucker for blankets especially) and got rid of all my yarn except for my favorite brand I FOUND THIS!

    So far for good intentions Subscibed to the newsletter immediately, ordered yarn (with a wild guess on the amount needed) and am now as excited as a kid on christmas eve. I was a bit down for the extended lockdown in my part of the world but oh man, you made me so happy

  27. Coming a bit late to the party , but I am so pleased to have found your beautiful design. Thank you for your time in creating this

  28. I am so happy to have found your website! Thank you for all of the information. I cannot wait to start creating this beautiful design. 🙂

  29. Hi Sue,

    Really wonderful project! Crojo Retro. I can’t wait to start it!!
    P.s.: I subscribed already:)

  30. I love knitting and walking through my favorite pinterest application I came across this beautiful project. I hope to be in time to receive the step by step …. I would love to knit this blanket! Thank you very much for sharing your magic with all of us!

  31. Thank you so much for making the pattern available, it (like all your work) is so lovely! It may take me a while to work on it — and be good at it — but I look forward to the process and the finished product. Thank you again!

  32. I signed up for the newsletter but am unsure how to receive the patterns. Can someone assist me?

    1. Hi Mary

      Crojoretro will be with you soon. The pattern is sent out manually and not an automated process, this is usually done once per week but sometimes longer, so please do bear with us.

      Have a good day

  33. I can’t wait to start this project! Is the Wallflower pattern available to purchase? I would love to do that one as well.

  34. Hi
    I subscribed to your newsletter!! Am I too late to receive the gorgeous Crojo Retro pattern?
    Thank you for your time
    Elsabe (South Africa)

  35. Hi
    I know this is a while ago now; I subscribed to the newsletter before you finished the project, and have since been working up the confidence to create this amazing blanket for myself! I was just wondering if you ended up with a final yarn amount/weight that you used – did you need more than the 100g of each in the end?
    Thanks, Lucy.

    1. Please email your question to so we can help further. Another place to try if you haven’t already is the facebook group ‘Crojoretro Makers Community’ – you must have signed up to the newsletter to join, but this is a great group to ask questions when making the Crojoretro blanket.

  36. Hello,
    I subscribed to your newsletter and would like to receive your Crojo Retro pattern. It’s so beautiful! Is this offer still valid?

  37. Hello dear Sue, hello to everyone,
    you can’ t imagine, how happy I am that I have found you.
    The flowers are so very beautiful, I love it.
    Thank you very, very much that I may join you. I’ll do my best to keep up with you guys.
    Can’t wait to get started.
    Many greetings from my heart,
    best wishes, stay healthy and happy crocheting to us all,

  38. Liebe Sue
    Vielen lieben Dank. Ich habe Dich und Deine schönen Arbeiten erst vor ein paar Tagen entdeckt. Ich bin ganz verliebt in Deine Arbeit.
    Danke für diese liebevolle Einladung, diese Abenteuerrreise mit Dir zu tun. Ich freue mich sehr darauf!
    Herzlichen Gruss aus der Schweiz, Stefanie

    1. Danke Stefanie! Sehr gerne geschehen, ich wünsche Ihnen viel Spaß beim Gestalten Ihres Crojoretro! Halte uns auf dem Laufenden!

  39. I am head over heels with your work and hope to join the wallflower project someday.
    Just wondering how do others wash these large wool blankets? I really struggle with it; so, I thought I’d ask 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment! The next Wallflowers starts in May and bookings are open now. I don’t know many people who have washed them if I’m honest! But if you wanted to I would suggest hand washing with Eucalan as it doesn’t need rinsing. Of course you can follow the instructions on the yarn you use if you use something different to me. Hope this helps!

  40. Thanks very mucho for such a beauty I will vegan to work in it on May and share my advances in social media . Very inspiring inspiring project ideal
    To use all my leftovers
    Thank you ♥️♥️

  41. I just found this site and the Lockdown Project whilst cruising through Pinterest and I’ve got to make this!! It sort of reminds me of Uzbekistan embroidery! Truly beautiful!


  42. Hello Sue,
    Thank you for being so generous with your crochet design. It is lovely! I look forward to starting it once I finish my wallflowers blanket. I intend to sign up for all of your classes! Thank you for being so creative and designing such beautiful projects. They make this world a better place because they are so colorful to look at and a joy to make.

  43. Hello Sue, thanks a lot to share your work ! It’s very wonderful and colorful ! I would like to realise Crojoretro blanket, is it possible ? Sorry, my english is very limited… Have a good day with your hook !

  44. Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I found you via Mastodon where your work was being “tooted” for its beauty and you were being appreciated for your artistry and generosity. I’m so excited to begin my project!! I also wanted to add to the map – cheers from the Pacific Northwest in Oregon, USA. Thank you for sharing this pattern and adding beauty to the world for free.

  45. Your work is amazing!
    I found you on Instagram and cannot avoid spending a couple of hours a week admiring it. So powerful and joyful it is!
    Please, I’d love and be honoured to join and start this adventure

    1. Hello! I am so glad you’ve found me – be sure to sign up to my newsletter to have access to the FREE Crojoretro pattern and take a look at joining one of my courses – I’d love to have you with me!

  46. Wow, and more WOW.
    I need to start this. It would really make me constantly happy to make these flowets. And later on to wrap my self in.
    I would, SO much, appreciate if it could be possible to get your “recipe” for making this blanket, – or perhaps a pillow.
    I can’t concentrate for very long at the time, so this is pattern brilliant.
    But, please, how do I get it. Thak you.

  47. How many grams (or yarn balls) is required for each yarn color? I want to buy some yarns but I don’t know how many I need. Thank you.

    1. Hi Helga

      We don’t have a final yardage for crojoretro I’m afraid. It was a stash buster and involved lots of making and unmaking.

      If we ever make it a commercially available pattern we’d do the maths but for now we can’t give you this as we really don’t know!

      But, we’d say just one ball of the flowers colours and maybe 4 of the main background colours, 2 of the main leaf colours….

      If you’re in the Crojoretro Facebook group you could maybe ask in there? They’re a lovely friendly group.

      Hope that helps and sorry we can’t give you more detailed information .

  48. Excited to get started on this project! I’ve been wanting to delve into free form crochet and I think this project will be a great learning experience and way to transition to my goal of creating free form designs.

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