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Breathing Space: Crochet Retreats with The Mercerie

One of my greatest pleasures is connecting and bringing people together,  in virtual spaces and in real life. But as a rather awkward introvert myself I’m super sensitive to group dynamics and understand the importance of spaces that feel friendly, welcoming and supportive and that’s what I aim to create in every event I organise.

The Colour & Crochet Retreat November 2019

So I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I’m organising two events this year designed to do just that!

Since the start of the pandemic I’ve been slowly and steadily building a connected online community through my courses and projects and I know that many of you have forged real friendships with people you may never have met ‘in real life’.

Now, more than ever before, we want to feel connected to others and crafting can be the thread that binds us.

We may be of different generations, cultures and religions but a shared passion for craft and creativity cuts through difference and draws us together. We’re excited to share our work and see each others progress, and we support each other through the process like a global network of crafty cheerleaders

“50 Popcorns – YAY!! Go Jody Go!!” (*shakes imaginary pom poms….)

The 21st century is, predictably, shaping up to be a post- industrial technocratic culture dominated by massive digital corporations.  Elitist technology empires govern our lives more than ever before as it become increasingly difficult to navigate our way through life without them.

Zoom and Social Media became a lifeline for many during the pandemic and certainly for me they were essential – but now I feel ready to organise my own party, on my own terms.

I want a break out group in an actual room that isn’t governed by bandwidth, passwords  or security questions and I want to reach out and touch the work I see behind the screen.

So this year I’d like to give you the opportunity to meet up for real and join me for a weekend of crafting, relaxing and connecting with your tribe.

It’s time for a CROCHET RETREAT and I have the perfect location!

BREATHING SPACE is a very special place run by extraordinary women in the heart of the Norfolk Broads. I’ve looked at several different venues but this is the space I’m drawn to. This is the space that will capture the magic I want to create.

Breathing Space is relaxed and welcoming; it’s a little bohemian and it’s designed to let you breathe out and tune in to your creative soul.

You’ll be (literally!) welcomed with open arms and there’ll be a whole team of us dedicated to making your weekend a magical and inspiring experience.

Mags at Breathing Space is the most wonderful host and she’ll make you feel like one of the family. Paulina will be providing guided morning meditations and an amazing sound bath on Saturday afternoon. (both are completely optional but I thoroughly recommend them)

My fabulous assistant Jess will also be joining us for the weekend to help everything run smoothly and ensure you have the best time.

But that’s not all!

I’m currently working on a new crochet blanket project which I’m intending to launch in Autumn 2023. These retreats will give you early, exclusive access to some of the patterns for my new blanket and if you decide to join me on this new course you’ll get priority booking at a discounted price.

So, this is the plan- and of course this is YOUR time so you can choose what you do, or don’t do, over the weekend:

(All details are hot off the press and TBC)


  • Arrivals from 3pm.
  • Welcomes with nibbles and a glass of fizz.
  • Two course evening meal followed by a relaxed creative workshop with Sue and Jess


  • Optional guided morning meditation with Paulina
  • Breakfast followed by creative workshop with Sue and Jess
  • Lunch followed by optional sound bath with Paulina and/or nature walk
  • Afternoon workshop with Sue and Jess
  • Two course evening meal followed by an evening of relaxed socialising, conversation and crafting.


  • Optional guided morning meditation with Paulina
  • Breakfast followed by creative workshop with Sue and Jess
  • Lunch and goodbyes…..

We’re still finalising the details and aiming to open bookings in early February and I know these are going to be really popular so places will be sold on a ‘first come’ basis.

If you want to be the first to hear when bookings are open get yourself on the waitlist!

These are the dates for your diary:

14th – 16th July and 29th Sept – 1st October.

Oh – and if you’d like to extend your stay at Breathing Space you could book additional nights before or after the event – just tell us what you’d like to do and we can help to make it happen…..



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    1. Hooray! Please join the waitlist to be sure you know when bookings open! I really hope you can join us!

    1. Hooray! Please join the waiting list following the link in the blog to make sure you are on the list Annabel!

  1. Yes please dear Sue. Sounds amazing.
    Please put my name on the waiting list too. Not sure which I can do, but I would definitely like to be at one.

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