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In the Spotlight with Fruity Knitting

If you know me at all you’ll know I tend to freeze like a rabbit in headlights when someone points a camera at me. So when Andrea from Fruity Knitting said they’d like to interview me for their fabulous YouTube Podcast I was delighted, flattered and more than a little terrified.

If you don’t know Fruity Knitting here’s a little bit about them in their own words:

“The Fruity Knitting Podcast is a video knitting podcast that brings you knitting inspiration from around the world. Each episode features an interview with a professional designer or yarn producer. It’s a long format interview, so you really get to meet the people behind the knitting patterns and yarns that you love. Our Knitters of the World segment features a dedicated amateur knitter from somewhere around the globe. In New Releases, a designer takes you through one of their latest designs – construction, techniques, color and yarn choices. It’s a quick but personal introduction to a new design. And we take you through our own knitting projects, with a little chat and the occasional adventure. We hope that our knitting podcast keeps the life and creativity in your knitting, and we would love to have your company.”

Andrea is such a brilliant interviewer with a genuine interest in art, craft and design and her daughter is behind the camera filming like pro! Together they’re a very professional and charming team to work with and I’m delighted by the results.

I’m sharing the spotlight in Episode 130 with talented knitwear designer Noma Ndlovu from Bigger Than Life Knits …….

You can also read the blogpost for this episode over here: 

If, like me, you love Andrea and Madeleine’s Fruity Knitting podcasts you can show your support by becoming a Fruity Knitting Patron and help them continue to promote the work of independent designers.

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  1. I enjoyed watching your interview with Fruity Knitting. I don’t crochet, would love to, #goals, but I found your exercises about playing with color and doodling exciting. I sent your interview to my husband so he could hear you speak on that and color theory. We both are interested in art and expanding our skills.

    Well done. ~ Karen

  2. I really, really enjoyed the Fruity Knitting program so much that I looked up your website. I am excited to say that I will be joining you for your Wallflowers class in a few days. I call it my art class, because that is how I view it. See you soon!

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