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Knitted and Crochet Hearts: Six of the Best

At The Mercerie we love little projects that are quick and easy to make and we are easily seduced by a pretty crochet heart pattern! For Valentines Eve we’ve rounded up six lovely little knitting and crochet patterns for you  – oh and we’ve added one of our own.

These patterns are all readily available online, or in current publications, and they would all make beautiful decorations at anytime of year – but especially on Valentines day.

The knitted patterns lend themselves particularly well to felting – we think there’s something rather endearing about a little felt heart……

Our berry red aran, or scarlett Dk merino are perfect for all these projects – and they both felt beautifully. So if you find yourself alone this Valentines eve just pour yourself a drink, open a box of chocolates and settle down with your favourite hook…….

Clockwise from the top:

1. The pattern for these gorgeous little hearts can be found in Mags Kandis’ book Gifted.

2. This pretty crochet heart garland  by Cindy Hopper can be found at

3. You can find our gorgeous British aran wool in deep berry red in our woolshop.

4. If you haven’t yet discovered the amazing collection of free patterns by Drops Design, this is well worth a visit!

5. These  lovely hearts by Julie and the Knits could be used in so many projects, and the tutorial can be found here.

6. Our scarlett supersoft merino can also be found in our woolshop.

7. As you might expect, there are several great patterns to choose from at howtocrochetaheart.blogspot! This is our favourite!

8. OK, so this one’s in Russian! Click translate, study the pictures carefully and you may be able to work this one out!

9. Oh – this one’s ours! We made it in our own aran wool and we use it all the time as a pretty pin cushion.


You will need about 20 gms 100% wool yarn.

We used The Mercerie’s gorgeous Candy pink aran yarn for ours.
knitted on size 6mm needles.

They are worked flat, with darts made by short row shaping, stuffed with polyester filling, and
seamed at the back.

Felt either by hand or in the washing machine on 50 degrees.






Cast on 15 sts.

Row 1: k12, wrap and turn
Row 2: k11, kfb (increase by knitting into the front and back of the stitch)
Row 3: k11, wrap and turn
Row 4: k10, kfb
Row 5: k10 wrap and turn
Row 6: k9, kfb
Row 7: k9, wrap and turn
Row 8: k8, kfb
Row 9: K8, wrap and turn
Row 10: k8
Row 11: k6, wrap and turn
Row 12: k4, k2tog
Row 13: k8, wrap and turn
Row 14: k6, k2tog
Row 15: k9, wrap and turn
Row 16: k7, k2tog
Row 17: k to end of row
Row 18: k14, k2tog

Repeat these 18 rows 3 more times.
Seam it, fill it and felt it – we added a little scrap of lace and chiffon, and a shiny red bead to make it extra special.

Happy Valentine Day!

psst. If you’d like to receive a little love letter from us on Valentines day – with something rather special for subscribers only, you can sign up here.

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