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Knitted Apple Pullovers

On Sunday, as we drove away from Top Farm and our last camp of the summer, we stopped to help ourselves to some windfall Bramley apples and looked forward to Autumns first apple crumble.

On Monday I retrieved the apples from the car and studied them carefully. Windfall Bramleys are a self deprecating crop. The sight of these misshapen bruisers offers no clue to their potential fluffy sweetness

Bramley Apples for apple crumble

I chopped them up and discarded only the most insect ridden pieces, remembering that the bruises add flavour and sweetness to the mix.

As I worked I began making mental preparations for the new school term and the sight of the bruised fruit reminded me of the apples I fish out of school bags every Friday afternoon. These are the apples that are dutifully dropped into the bag every morning – only to return home again at the end of the day and placed back in the fruit bowl.

The same apple will go back in the bag the next day – only to return home again, with a few minor scratches and placed back in the bowl.

The same happens the following day, and the next until by Friday the once perfect specimen will be sporting some minor scratches, a large brown bruise, two rather deep cuts,  evidence of some kind of piercing of the skin and an Indian ink tattoo.

This scenario is generally repeated every week. We know the apple will not be eaten. With every passing day my dutiful optimism turns to grim determination until by Friday the squishy rotten apple becomes  symbolic retribution for refusing an apple a day.

However, this term will be different. I have a plan. I’ve been rather scathing about knitted fruit ‘cosies’ in the past but now I understand their significance.

This morning I finished packing the lunches and located a couple of fresh apples. I looked at them both with their perfect shiny bright skin, coloured by several weeks spent in the sun. They looked back at me grinning optimistically with deep dimples in their rosy apple cheeks. I helped them  into their little knitted pullovers, said goodbye and wished them luck.

I wonder if I’ll ever see them again.

apple pullovers


Knitting Pattern for Apple Pullovers

Work in garter stitch using Mercerie Aran Wool and 5 mm needles

Cast on 6 sts.

Next Row: Knit into the front and back (KFB) of every stitch (12 sts)

Next Row: K1, KFB. Repeat to end of row (18sts)

Next Row: KFB, K2. Repeat to end of row. (24sts)

Next Row: Knit

Next Row: K3, KFB. Repeat to end of row. (30sts)

Next Row: Knit

Next Row: K2, *KFB, K4. Repeat from * to the last 2 sts. K2. (36)

Next 2 rows:Knit

Next Row: K5, KFB. Repeat to end of row. (42)

Next 5 rows Knit.

Next Row: Knit 2 together (K2tog), K5. Repeat to end of row. (36)

Next row:Knit

Change to 4mm needles.

Next 5 rows: work as K1, P1 rib.

Cast off using a 5mm needle to keep the cast off edge nice and loose, then sew up the seam.

And you’re done!


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  1. That is such a cute idea!! Apples follow the same path here, lol But maybe with that cozy wrap things might change. Thanks for sharing the pattern, I will get one done this weekend!

  2. Hahahhaa!! I am sure that if I dig around in some now discarded and old school bags, I will find that same apple which accompanied my kids through their school years!!!! I know my girls would love the apple woolies- not sure about the boys!!! x

  3. I love apples! My favourite to eat are the green ones, though when I make apple pies I always use the red ones. I think if I found one of those in my schoolbag, I would eat it right away! They looks so nice, stylish… and yummy! I really hope they won’t come back many more times. The only thing is that they are actually so cute, you may feel it’s a pity to eat them!!

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