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Mad Hatters and March Hares

March is the month that is traditionally ‘in like a lion’ and ‘out like a lamb’ and brings with it gusty March winds to remind us that winter’s not done with us yet. Recently these winds have swept us up into a whirlwind of activity as we have been busy working on our new collection, fashion shows and photoshoots. These are exciting times at The Mercerie as we experience the process of inspiration, design, and realisation, of our 2013 ‘Festival’ collection. However, for some of our products, the process of design and realisation does not conform to this design convention…..


Vintage Knitted Rabbit


Earlier this month I was working on a new hat design and was busy crocheting one evening when I was distracted by the knitted bunny I made as a Christmas gift for one of the children. I had finished it rather hurriedly on Christmas Eve, and the button eyes, hastily stitched on in a rather lopsided manner, had rendered it mad as a March hare. The pretty knitted bunny had been transformed into a harebrained Frankenrabbit which was watching me as I worked, intent on wild mischief making. Just as it leaped off the windowsill I grabbed it by the ears, snipped off its button eyes and threw then into the garden where they gazed unblinking at the moon.

Temporarily blinded by the assault the mad hare challenged me to a boxing match and it pummelled furiously as I wrestled it into a headlock for long enough to needle punch some large friendly eyes on its face.

After this rather traumatic makeover it sat quietly on my lap for sometime as I finished work on the prototype bowler hat. Pleased with the result I put the bowler on the hat stand and went to bed leaving the rabbit curled up asleep on the sofa.

The next morning I peeped round the living room door to admire the new hat but it was not as I had left it.

Two huge ears appeared to have grown from the crown of the hat. Pricked and alert they were clearly the ears of a March hare.

I understood, in that moment, that cosmetic makeovers are only ever skin deep – and the trickster is still at large.

This is the Vintage Knitting Pattern for the Rabbit

Vintage Knitted Rabbit

 The Mercerie’s new 2013 Festival Collection is coming soon.

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