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October is orange

October Is Orange

I adore the colour orange; the colour of autumn – pumpkins, golden leaves, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, the last tomato in the green house –  and the last rose of summer.

It’s the colour of apricots, mangoes and sweet potatoes; urban foxes, ginger toms, red squirrels and  toffee apples. Orange is a flame haired pre-Raphaelite muse and the brilliant coloured varnish of a seventeenth century Stradivari violin.

Orange in nature is carotene, orpiment, toxic realgar, madder, saffron, turmeric and paprika. It’s lead chromate, cadmium and ochre; found in powder and liquid form in glass jars and soft metal tubes. Worn by an intoxicated Bacchus orange is the colour of frivolity and excess. In Christianity it’s the colour of gluttony. In Confusionism it’s the colour of transformation. Symbolic in Hinduism and Buddism; orange is a spiritual signifier and an attention seeking extrovert. It’s high vis, get ready to go; it’s a life jacket and a life buoy.

Agent orange defoliated forests and contaminated people and orange is the conspicuous colour worn in Guantanamo.

Orange is a political statement.

Orange is the colour of an 80 year European war and a bonfire for burning dead wood.

Orange is a flaming revolution and the colour of inspiration.

October is orange.

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  1. Bonjour vos réalisations sont sublissimes !!! Est il possible d avoir les explications ?? J aimerais réaliser le plaid crorojoretro. Pouvez me dire comment je dois faire ? En France il n y a pas de réalisations aussi joli au crochet et c est bien dommage…. Car cela est un démodé ici. J ai trop hâte d avoir votre réponse

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