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On The Significance of Frames

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working on a second photo-shoot for The Mercerie with Boo from Eliza Boo Photography.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of styling for a shoot is the search for suitable props and locations and  I am often struck by the way a camera lens can transform a seemingly humble and ordinary object into something with extraordinary significance. An old painted chair, a collection of rarely read books and a battered wooden box make the transition into objects of desire through the process of framing. They become imbued with imagined meanings and histories evoking narratives that blur the real and the imaginary.

As I consider this I wonder how many other things that inhabit my home are in danger of losing their significance through familiarity. Perhaps it’s time to focus with a new lens, or consider investing in some picture frames.


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  1. Hello! I was fascinated to read this post – it contains a beauty tip I’m not entirely sure you were aware of when you wrote it!
    Its the bit about how things get transformed into ,’Objects of desire through the process of framing’. I took this advice literally and purchased an ornamental picture frame from a well known high street retailer (As you know I’m only 18” tall, so i bought a 21” frame), attached small wheels to it and took it with me to my local ‘disco’.
    I wheeled it around everywhere i went whilst being perfectly framed within its golden border.
    The reaction was fantastic- i couldn’t hear what people were saying over the music but they were laughing and pointing at me all evening- and when i ventured onto the dance floor it cleared instantly ! (I assume so they could see me better, but they might have been imbuing me with imagined meanings with their eyes!)
    Thanks for the tip!
    Sparkly Love, Clementine Doll xxx

    1. Dearest Clementine Doll
      I’m sure your ornamental frame accessory was a real head turner and conversation piece. However, I have one very small piece of advise – please do not, under any circumstances, remove your rose tinted contact lenses.

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