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As the maker of things, and the owner of an online business, I exist in a liminal space – a no- mans land where I pace a porous border between the real and the digital.

I can remember being a designer in a pre-digital world, this was the zone where I developed a fascination for stuff.

Real stuff.  The kind of stuff that you can hold in your hands, manipulate, fold, bend, pierce, stretch, construct, deconstruct, and make into things. Real  things. Realia ruled, and it was slow, laborious and completely absorbing.

This was the world where I learnt how materials perform. How colours change in different environments, how a fabric drapes when it’s cut on the bias and how to transform flat planes into 3 dimensional structures.

I love the certainty of realia. It is solid and existential. It shapes the environment and provides instruments for navigating a route through real life.

But I also love ideas. I love thoughts, concepts, dreams and the ephemeral. I love that a thought can’t be harnessed, and a dream can’t be measured. I spend far too much time shaping the imaginary, but ideas and concepts deserve to be explored, manipulated, folded, stretched and unpicked as much as the stuff of the ‘real’  world.

A thought is sometimes a fleeting image. Digitalia provides a net for catching those transitory thoughts as they fly past, and digital technology provides the tools with which to manipulate them.

This week I have been attempting to refine the written pattern for a bowler hat. This week my thoughts look mostly like this….

Bowler Hat blog post





















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    1. Thanks for dropping by Kay – I haven’t done ‘my rounds’ properly yet, but it’s great to be a part of ‘the circle’ 🙂

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