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Traces of History at Wolterton Hall

Last weekend I spent two days in the faded glory of Wolterton Hall in North Norfolk which was hosting the 13th Costume and Textiles Fair.

Costume and Textiles Fair

Wolterton Hall is a fabulous Georgian Country House built in the 1720’s for Horatio Walpole, younger brother to Sir Robert Walpole, Britain’s first prime minister.

Costume and textiles Fair

Over the weekend this monument to past lives contained not only the stories of those who once lived there, but also the fragments from other lives, and histories, from all over the globe.

Costume and textiles Fair

In the boxes stashed with neatly catalogued textile samples, the exquisitely embroidered handkerchiefs, painted icons and family portraits; in the dead animals, dead ancestors, threadbare upholstery and cheaply made shoes from a small German refugee, lurk the unfinished chapters of a thousand forgotten stories.

Costume and Textiles Fair


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  1. It’s amazing how everyday objects can tell us so much about people… this is true even when they are still alive, but when those people pass away, their objects seem to host part of their soul. Maybe it’s because of the memories they hold, or because of the many moments they have witnessed… yet looking at them makes you feel like you actually had a chance to meet those people. You really captured the magic of it all, Sue! xo

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