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WALLFLOWERS: Logging-In to a Global Crochet Community

We need to bridge our sense of loneliness and disconnection with a sense of community and continuity even if we must manufacture it from our time on the Web and our use of calling cards to connect long distance. We must ‘log on’ somewhere, and if it is only in cyberspace, that is still far better than nowhere at all.  ― Julia Cameron, God is no Laughing Matter

‘The Pandemic’ changed us all. In some way.

We’re different now; we do things and see things differently.

We’ve had time to consider – and re-consider.

Nature, and human nature, is adept at adapting. We’re so busy evolving we don’t see the changes as they happen. But when we stop and look around we can find ourselves in a different place with no recollection of how we got there.

Like driving on autopilot; when you’re so lost in your daydreams you’ve no idea how you managed to navigate your way home.

So here I am, exactly one year after I launched my courses online, and I’m looking around me and can’t quite believe how much my work environment has changed. It fills me with joy and I’m so grateful to everyone who took that leap of faith, logged on to my courses and in doing so logged in to a whole new, global, community.

The people I work with now are scattered all over the globe and our meetings are vitual – held in the global time zone of cyberspace where mornings and evenings are blurred, marked only by the drinks we’re sipping. Coffee for the early risers and those attempting to stay awake long enough to say hello, and wine for those already settled into their sofa at the end of their day.

The people we’ve got to know on our screens are the real lives behind the stories we’ve seen and heard on the news; the lockdowns, heatwaves, political unrest, wildfires and floods and they offer us an insight into life in countries, and continents we’ll possibly never experience ourselves IRL

For the generation who’ve grown up with Skype, Discord, chat rooms and servers being part of an online community and connecting virtually is second nature, but for many of my generation, and older,  virtual relationships and social networking will always be the simulacrum of a ‘real life’ relationship. So it’s really exciting when you finally get to meet someone you’ve previously only known through a digital interface, and even more exciting when that person brings with them the blanket you’ve been admiring online for weeks!

The online versions of my crochet courses have connected so many like minded people and, amazingly, sometimes people have discovered they have a connection in real life – like these two beautiful Turkish ladies who met through the course only to discover they have a mutual family member as well as a shared passion for crochet.

Connecting with Wallflowers

I love all of these images and for me they illustrate beautifully why Wallflowers and Homage to the Granny Square are interactive online courses and not simply a series of downloadable PDF’s.

In many parts of the world we’re slowly opening up again – I’ll be running some beginners crochet workshops again this Autumn and it feels very exciting!

But over the last year I’ve learnt, first hand, that virtual courses can create genuine and authentic connections and friendships and I’m just as excited about my new online classes that begin in October.

Booking are only open until October 1st 2021,  places are limited and I don’t know if, or when, I’ll offer these courses again as I’m planning something new….. so if you’d like to join me, and log into to a global community of like minded crafters, nip over here before it’s too late….

And if you need a little more persuading here’s what my students are saying about my WALLFLOWERS courses….

“I can highly recommend  this course, I have enjoyed every aspect, it is planed out to the very last detail, you are encouraged to go at your own pace and enjoy the journey and  there is no pressure because you have all course materials for two years. It is spaced out so you have down time with motivational talks. Sue makes you think about things that we all take for granted and I really have learnt a lots of useful skills from these talks. Sue is amazing if you have any problems she is always able to help and I have found the zoom meetings a great help and found that most of my questions were answered here. When I first signed up I was worried that I wasn’t up to it but with Sue’s expert hand and wonderful pattern I have created a piece of art that I’m truly proud of. I’m so confident in the professional delivery of Sue’s courses I have sighed up for the next one. Thank you Sue, you have brought me so much pleasure in what was at times quite a dark place for me” Tracy Carroll-Gauci

“The depth of this class is unparalleled. The amount of detail in the written directions as well as the videos is outstanding. The group support and monthly Zoom meetings is icing on the cake. I have throughly enjoyed this process which has expanded my color confidence as well as brought me joy with each component addition. Sue is an amazing teacher and I cannot recommend this course highly enough!” Carol Garland

“I would unconditionally recommend anyone to participate in HTTGS or Wallflowers. As a teacher of crochet Sue Maton is incredible.She offers an unparalleled opportunity to create heirloom pieces whatever your standard. There is something for every level. Through HTTGS she is able to offer a learning experience whether you are a complete novice or an experienced hooker. Wallflowers takes this a step further with her unique design. As well as being a superb teacher of stitches and instructing in finishing techniques to make your work look beautifully professional, she offers her genius in colour combinations and blanket construction to all those who chose to learn with her. Her planning and attention to detail throughout her courses is phenomenal. Each course has an extensive library of videos, paper based patterns, stitch diagrams and motivational audios. Providing perfect support materials to guide you through the work. Additionally learning with ‘The Mercerie’ is global. I have made lasting friendships and connections with like minded people all over the world.” Hilary Lyall

“I’ve loved the course. You always made me feel relaxed on my progress which was slower than others. I felt quite anxious in the first week that I wasn’t keeping up, but at the first Q&A you said that we should all take our own time. The videos are excellent and mean I don’t spend ages or angst trying to understand the pattern. I’m so proud of what I am creating – thanks for providing such a great course. It’s lovely in the Q&A sessions to meet people around the world and in my own country. I couldn’t recommend your course more highly.” Cathy Aboud

“I have almost completed my first Wallflower blanket and it has been a lot of fun (and work!). My original goal, to learn how to JAYGO has definitely been accomplished. I love the colorwork and design elements that make this blanket unique. The course has been terrific, encouraging us through each step, not just with how to videos, but also with thoughtful discussions about our work. All the materials have been very professional, from the tutorials, to the pattern schematics and row by row written instructions. Thank you so much!” Julie Stetich

“I really loved this wallflowers journey …. And still love it ! Was really a great time!” Laurence Poilfoulot

“Sue, Thank you sooo much!!! I can’t begin to tell you how much I have thoroughly enjoyed your courses. You are such a wonderful teacher!! The videos are incredible and so well made!!  I adore the music you use too!  You have a very special talent and I am so happy that I was able to finally be involved in your courses and the zoom meetings!! The pace for this course has been spot on for me too!  I feel that you have balanced it out perfectly!! Patti

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful 6 months of joy that this amazing project has given me. Not only has it developed my crochet skills but it has given me a fantastic opportunity to experiment with colour and texture. Your easy to follow tutorials and clear written instructions makes this an enjoyable process for even the most inexperienced crocheter. I would whole heartedly recommend this course to anyone who loves to work with yarn and colour. I am so thrilled with my Wallflowers Blanket and it will take pride of place in my home. I will definitely be signing up for another of your courses.” Linda Evans




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  1. The one thing I learned from the pandemic is one cannot take availability for granted anymore. Reminds me of that song “Don’t Put off Today for Tomorrow for Tomorrow might be a little too late”. If you are thinking of taking one (or both) of the courses, you should jump in and take advantage of the availability while it exists.

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