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Wildly Adventurous

This is a guest blog post by my amazing friend Helen at Albion Nights.

How much time do you spend outdoors?

Did you know that throughout June The Wildlife Trusts have been running a campaign called 30 Days Wild?  The idea behind it is to get us all out into the great outdoors at least once a day, every day for 30 days in a row. Some of us do this every day without any encouragement but there are many people who don’t.

I know.

Can you imagine?!

You don’t need to treck up a mountain or go wild swimming, some of the things The Wildlife Trusts suggest doing are easily achievable for most people such as walking barefoot through grass, cloud watching, star gazing, eating a meal outdoors and identifying a leaf from a tree. These are all things that I love to do and really don’t need any encouragement with, but how about you?

I can think of nothing more enjoyable on a summers day than lying in the long grass looking up at the clouds sailing by and seeing what shapes I find in them. It’s a brilliant way to free your imagination and while away a few hours.

If your work/life balance is so finely tuned you can’t possibly find time to stargaze then crafting outdoors is the perfect multitasking solution. Why not find a shady spot in your garden or a local park to enjoy nature and keep up with your crochet – at the same time!

Here at Albion Nights we can help you connect with nature, to step off that busy 24/7 life you’re living and disconnect from the grid.

We’ve built a beautiful, handcrafted cabin nestled in 6 acres of wildflower meadow which is the perfect spot to do just that. You can take your morning cuppa on the veranda, watch the sun come up and listen to the incredible bird song.

You might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the visiting kingfisher or heron.

After dark you can take a candlelit dip in the outdoor bath, sipping on a glass of something cool while watching the stars come out – and you may see the barn owl fly silently by.

In July 2023 we’re taking things a step further and have a wonderful weekend of day retreats in the magical setting of our wildflower meadow and woodland. We’ll be hosting two standalone day events, bursting at the seams with nourishing activities for your mind, body and soul.

On Saturday 15th July I welcome Ashlyn Gibson of Bless Stories and her incredible team into the meadow to bring you Tend and Befriend.

This will be an insightful and intuitive blend of self-discovery, authentic sisterhood and a day to explore the dynamics of true soul family.

Witness the power of living life alongside kindred spirits who appreciate and celebrate your inherent beauty and uniqueness. Receive practical and creative guidance and reframe what it is that you need in your life today. The day will include sound with crystal bowls, creating flower essence remedies in the meadow, journaling, tarot and much more.

I guarantee you’ll leave the day bursting with inspiration and motivation, and ready for a life more soulful.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Ashlyn says Whether you’re in the arms of a community that you resonate with, or you haven’t quite found where you fit in, or you feel disenchanted, this is a day for anyone who values authentic connection.

On Sunday 16th July I invite you to Nurture and Nourish in Nature with the inspirational Gemma David aka The Quiet Heart.  Gemma will lead the day exploring the relationship between what we see in nature and experience in our bodies.

Using meditation, movement, sound and fire, Gemma will gently guide you through sessions created to help you feel connected with the natural world and more in tune with your internal experiences

There’ll also be a pop-up sauna and ice-bath for you to use, plus you can book a treatment with our on-site massage therapist.

Gemma says “I specialise in how we connect with the natural rhythms of the world around us, the space we inhabit, and how slowing down and hearing what your body is trying to say, brings a sense of feeling grounded and safe. I have a passionate interest in rituals, and how we can interconnect ancient, often forgotten practices with the everyday rhythms of our modern lives.”

A delicious and nutritious lunch will be provided on each day, plus tea, coffee and cake.

So whether you’re crocheting on your patio, picnicking in the park, or joining us here at Albion Nights for a day of total immersive nurturing, here’s hoping that you find some ways to connect with nature, not just this month but every day.

Helen x



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