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Crojoretro: One Year Later

It’s been over a year now since I started Crojoretro and three months since I finished it.

It was a leap of faith and an open invitation for anyone brave enough to join me and it’s been an absolute joy. It was also the trigger for a period of growth and development for me and the work that I do.

Crojoretro enabled me to connect with crafters from all over the world and build a truly global network of like-minded people. People who are up for a challenge, inquisitive, playful and prepared to take a punt. People who share their work generously, take pleasure in watching other’s progress and who didn’t mind waiting patiently with their half-worked projects as I wrestled and adlibbed my way through this lawless project.

Transformation follows action and I believe that ‘creativity’ is all about the process and the practice rather than a ‘light bulb moment’ or a sudden flash of inspiration.

It’s about a good idea, doing the work, putting in the hours and keeping the faith. When all these things are in place the end product will take care of itself.

It was such a joy to discover just how many people feel the same way about their craft – it is just a little insane to commit to a project when you really have no idea what the end product will be, or look like. You have to be a particular kind of crafter to say yes to a project like that…..and to everyone who took that leap with me, and shared their work online,  I’d like to say thank you – and I love you!!

I have no idea exactly how many Crojoretro blankets, or WIP’s there are out there in the world, but I’d like to share a few of the glorious results with you in this round up. Apologies if you don’t see your blanket here; I may make another video one year from now……so keep tagging me, use the hashtag #crojoretro on social media or simply email me some photos. If you’ve just started, or you’re halfway through please do share images of your work  – sharing is an act of generosity everyone can contribute to.

The pattern for Crojoretro is still available to anyone that signs up to my newsletter. It won’t be available forever though – so if you’d like to have a go don’t leave it too late to register.

“When a friend sent me the info I immediately said NO can’t do that !!! Niggle after niggle and a stash of wool upstairs plus your amazing videos and printed instructions I began thinking no problem if I can’t do it !!! Confidence grew , my interest was sparked , the enthusiasm  of all on FB and I now have an amazing work of art I am so thrilled with. The mystery element was intriguing and I just had to keep having a go.” Amelia Walters



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  1. Am I too late to start the crojotetro project. I would love to make it. Could you please tell me where I can find the pattern.

      1. Hi! If you’re still sharing the pattern I would love to try it. My daughter is going to college soon and I’d like to possibly send this blanket with her. ❤️ I signed up for your news letter! Can’t wait. Thank you.

        1. Hello Gretta,
          Of course! If you have signed up to the Newsletter then the pattern will be with you soon. We usually send this once per week but we are busy preparing for our new Firestarter course next Monday so please bear with us and it will be with you soon.
          Best wishes Lee-Anne

          1. Same here… have subscribed to your newsletter and am now “impatiently waiting” for the Crojo Retro pattern. What a lovely initiative you had – inventing a project to promote creativity during lockdown! Many thanks, Marie

      2. Quisiera obtener patrones de los tejidos Crojo retro, muy lindos
        Ojalá indica materiales, como grosor, de algodon o lana.

    1. Sue I would love to make crojoretro but I’m not able to find the pattern. Can you please help

  2. Wow Sue. Made feel quiet happily tearful to see so many beautiful CroJoRetro Blankets finished and in the making. Your pattern was a lifesaver and such inspiration for me in 20/21.

  3. Hi Sue,
    I was in a couple of your classes over the last few years and love the crojo retro. It is beautiful and so different with the colours making it look almost like an Elizabethan wall hanging at times. I ve had a very hard year for various reasons and would love to give this a go now that life is calming down.
    Would you be able to e mail me the crojo retro pattern please, I downloaded some but not all of it.
    Maybe I will join one of your groups again in the future. Your introduction to Crochet has been a joy for me. Thank you.
    I trust you are keeping safe and well.
    Kind regards lucy

  4. How wonderful to see all the variations. This was such a wonderful project. Thank you !

  5. I felt really moved watching this, so much work and effort and time and creativity put into the same pattern, with such joyous, beautiful results. And to see mine nestled in amongst everyone else’s, makes me feel part of something really special. Thank you so much for the pattern Sue and for creating the community of crojo retro crocheters that I’m proud to be part of.

  6. It was surprisingly emotional watching that! I think it’s because the project came at such a unique and quite difficult time in our lives, and was a beacon of calm in all that chaos. It certainly helped me through a bereavement a year ago, thank you Sue for your generosity, and cleverness!

  7. How beautiful Sue, nearly made me cry! Crojoretro helped so many people in lockdown…. I wonder how many blankets there are out there?! Personally, lockdown was an amazing experience for me in many ways and yet on the flip side, very challenging. This video is just beautiful! xx

  8. I just discovered this beautiful project and i’d like to start as soon as possible. Could you send me the pattern of Crojoretro or is it too late?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Roberta, Please could you email us and we can add you to the next email for the Crojoretro Pattern. Thank you

    1. Hi Diana, Please could you email us and we can add you to the next email for the Crojoretro Pattern. Thank you

  9. Hello! Am I too late to start the crojotetro project. I would love to make it. Could you please tell me where I can find the pattern. Thanks

  10. I have signed up and received my 1st newsletter! I would love to start the crojoretro but dont know how access the pattern – can you please advise/assist me!

    1. Hello Minda, We will email you this seperately. Now that you have signed up to the Newsletter, you are on the list to receive Crojoretro. Look out for this soon. Best wishes, Lee-Anne

  11. Kan je mij aub het patroon van de crojoretro sturen. Ik heb me vandaag voor uw nieuwsbrief aangemeld. met dank, Martine

  12. Hi, I have just signed up to your newsletter and would love the pattern of the crojoretro pattern. I am in my 80’s and am trying to make a blanket for each of my children, one down two to go. Yours is such a pretty pattern. Thank you in anticipation. Best wishes to you. Leone

  13. I rediscovered crochet after a decade or more out of necessity – I had to make a chemo bag for my son. You can now imagine what a horrifying year it has been but thanks be to the God above he is doing well. I am still terrified, but ,he is well. I want to make him more fun things and this has become a year of discovery ! I discovered mosaic crochet and then struggled and made my own patterns and bags and pencil pouches out of it . This looks like the next challenge I should try. Thank you for your creativity and your generosity .

    1. Hello, Thank you for your lovely comment and glad you have found The Mercerie to dive into your next challenge. We wish you lots of well wishes. Kind regards, Lee-Anne (Sue’s VA)

  14. I purchased the pattern a while back but have not started yet. Could you please tell me how many skeins I will need of the rowan felted tweed? I see that you recommend a certain number of colors, but not how much of each. I cannot find that answer anywhere. Thank you!

    1. We don’t have a final yardage for crojoretro I’m afraid. It was a stash buster and involved lots of making and unmaking.

      If we ever make it a commercially available pattern we’d do the maths but for now we can’t give you this as we really don’t know!

      But, we’d say just one ball of the flowers colours and maybe 4 of the main background colours, 2 of the main leaf colours….

      If you’re in the Crojoretro Facebook group you could maybe ask in there? They’re a lovely friendly group.

      Hope that helps and sorry we can’t give you more detailed information .

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