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GLORIA: Dancing on a Knife Edge

“Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Back in December 2021 I was preparing to launch GLORIA- my latest online crochet course.

I knew I wasn’t ready.

I’m never ready.

I always hit the ground running and want to dance before the music starts.

This is what I wrote in a blog post when I’d just started this journey:

“Right now I’m struggling to see the end. I don’t know the answer. It might not work. It might bomb.”

This is not a sensible way to live. It’s reckless and foolhardy and it’s an invitation for hindsight to roll its eyes at me, wagging a well manicured finger and scolding “I told you so”

For several months now I’ve been dancing on a knife edge holding the hands of those who dared to dance with me; always just one step ahead and always afraid I’d stumble and fall.


Somehow, precariously, I stayed on my feet – dancing exhausted in my red shoes until I understood how it would end.

With hindsight I can look back at my first sketches and compare them to the finished garment- and miraculously – it worked!!

It’s not perfect…..I know that. But if I’d waited for perfection I’d still be paralysed by fear and Gloria would be stuck on a loop in my  imagination.

The first online Gloria course may be over – but it’s not the end of this dance.

I have some tweaking, refining and perfecting to do but I feel like I’ve at least reached an interval and can take a breath before the next step.

I’ll always step out before I’m ready. I’ll press the buzzer before I know the answer and I know that makes me vulnerable and I’m forever in danger of failing uproariously in front of an audience. But I’m just not a belt and braces kind of girl.

The next time I run Gloria I’ll know the routine and I’ll have the wisdom of hindsight.

I’ll also be adding an extra size and a poncho version which I’m very excited about!

Right now though I need to attend to several loose ends and hold the hands of those that are still dancing……

Here’s a small collection of some of the beautiful work produced so far by the amazing Gloria ‘online pioneers’ and I look forward to sharing more Glorias with you in the near future.

If you’d like to join me next time bookings will open in August for a limited time – so get yourself on the waitlist and I’ll see you when we start again in October 2022.

Ayşe (top) and Donna 

Hilary (top) and ‘Herbie’

Sue (top) and Chris











This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. You are obviously a swan Sue. Paddling along furiously under the water whilst gliding serenely across the water.
    You always come across as calm and certain of what you are doing.
    Thanks for a brilliant course – I love my finished Gloria!

    1. Thank you Hilary – I am glad it comes across that way! So pleased you enjoyed the course and your Gloria is simply wonderful!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous!

    Will you by any chance release the pattern in written form in the future?
    I’m Swedish but can’t concentrate enough to follow videos/lessons, need to read to understand.

    Fingers crossed!

    Best wishes Anna

    1. Hello Anna, the online course includes a mixture of video tutorials and written patterns – so you can work in whichever way suits you best. Hope this helps!

  3. I’m still paddling along with my Gloria. Loving every minute of yet another ingenious design. It’s lovely to see some of the finished versions. I’m also using up some of my wallflower yarn to make woolly version.

    1. Lovely to hear that you are enjoying it Vanessa – and that you have found a use for your extra Wallflower yarn!

  4. Although I have been crocheting for years, this is the first fitted garment I have ever created and I loved every minute of it (yes, even tying in those pesky ends). It was a sweet surprise watching mine and everyone else’s designs unfold – the colors, the unique customizations to the body, and the variations in fibers are all so inspiring. Two weeks before the trim instructions came out my sweater went off to a gallery fiber show in Seattle, my intention was to finish it when it was returned. To my surprise, my sweater sold at show for $680 dollars! So, after this post I am popping over to the waitlist, I may try the poncho version this time! Thank you Sue for another wonderful adventure.

    1. Wow Herbie that is amazing! Thank you for sharing! You’re Gloria is wonderful and I’m so pleased someone will treasure it!

    1. Hello, I’m sorry but the pattern for the jumper version of Gloria is no longer available – it has been replaced with the Capelet version.

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